Zagreb: A Broken Relationship Blooms

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Groovy coastline!


My first few hours in Zagreb are lost to my own misadventure seeking accommodation closer to the station until my common sense returns me to my original choice (Hostel Shappy). Zagreb train station is one of the best equipped for tourist info, certainly a step up from some of the cities I’ve visited this year. It even has its own hostel on rails though I’ve spent enough time on trains to not be too concerned that it’s full.

Blue skies smiling at me.

It is a good day to arrive with the sun shining from a deep blue sky, though according to weather reports the following day will present nothing less than a downpour (it does exactly that). Installed at the Shappy, it’s a good time to write, edit the growing number of photos causing my MacBook to burst at the seams and maybe catch a museum.

Broken we are broken.


Of all the cultural shows on offer I visit only one: The Museum of Broken Relationships as it’s so unique, where else do you see one of those? I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it and for their originality they get my vote. Yes I have to pay for admission but it’s definitely worth it with each exhibit displaying the story behind it.

Cathedrals and Coffee in Zagreb.

The cathedral is undergoing some kind of architectural surgery though still manages to look idyllic, a bit like an ageing relative maintaining a charismatic charm even if feeling awkward or under the weather. Speaking of which, it was if nothing else a good time for coffee and I sit at the ultra cool 42 Coffee Co watching the blue trams swing past the window.

Zagreb is also full of Scots on their way to Slovenia for the last match of the world cup qualifiers. They are denied as are Wales the following night. For me it’s not the only agonising thing, I now have to choose between Split and Dubrovnik or pushing on to Serbia. As it’s another country I pick the latter and as I would soon find – it’s a very Russian world and to some extent, a travellers cul-de-sac, at least where bus and train is concerned.



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Love an Adventure – Pseudo Echo
Heavy Rain – Daryl Hall/John Oates
Head Over Heels/Broken – Tears for Fears
Rain (I Want a Divorce) – Ryuichi Sakamoto
Cul-de-Sac – Genesis 

Photos: KH