Travel: Are AMERICAN TOURISTER Bags Worth the Money?

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Oh dear, keep an eye on those wheels!


‘American Tourister products are rigorously tested to ensure that the travel products you trust meet stringent standards.’ from American Tourist website. Now I don’t know what their rigorous tests involve but they can’t do too much where the wheels are concerned or they need me to conduct their rigorous tests.

Granted the beautiful wheely bag I bought a year ago was not intended for the cobbled lanes and uneven pavements of old town Europe (see the What I Pack blog). Nor the patterned pavements of Spain, the rough ridges of France or being dragged over tram tracks.

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It was designed for smooth airport floors, the back of a cab and even smoother shinier hotel lobbies of four or five stars. With that in mind I can’t be too harsh. However you’d expect the wheels to be designed to withstand some degree of use.

Apparently ‘wear and tear’ are not covered by the warranty, only a manufacturing defect but how do you know if it is one or not? The added problem that in the UK they only have stores in London and Basingstoke means I’m probably better off just buying a new bag.


AM are in the same company as SAMSON and are thus not cheap. It replaced my non brand bag purchased from a store in London a decade earlier which though it had its fair share of wear and tear had no issues with the wheels. As you may imagine that’s always been my main worry. What if something happened to the wheels? Would I be able to carry it?

Probably not (I am not getting any younger and I’ve only seen a quarter of the world’s countries). This means that I am likely to switch back to a pack in future. So worth the money? Only if your life is heading toward the more salubrious quarters of high flying hotels.


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