Tim Bowness: Catching Up with the Velvet Ghost

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*this blog includes affiliate links *It would be difficult to discuss Tim’s output without mentioning No-Man and some of his collaborative efforts. I mentioned being on the road since 1999 and it’s that year I met Tim at the now defunct 12 Bar Club in London’s Denmark Street where I also briefly chat to Steve Jansen and Peter Chilvers. I’ve not met Tim in person since but we have maintained a periodic dialogue over the years. The story begins some years earlier… PAINTING PARADISE: THE NEW ROMANTIC NINETIES It’s the early…read more


Tim Bowness: Flowers for Ghosts

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THEME FOR GREAT TIMMY’S Every artist has their themes and these sometimes stay with them throughout their careers. Flowers and Ghosts are hence regular guests in the Tim Bowness catalogue: Flowermouth, Say it with Flowers, Animal Ghost, Schoolyard Ghosts, Lost in the Ghost Light for example. Tim often speaks about himself and long term musical partner Steven Wilson arriving at the same musical place and offering different perspectives which might be the case here only 10 years apart. While SW noticed the ‘incident,’ Tim is the one to leave flowers…read more

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