Tim Bowness: Catching Up with the Velvet Ghost

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*this blog includes affiliate links *It would be difficult to discuss Tim’s output without mentioning No-Man and some of his collaborative efforts. I mentioned being on the road since 1999 and it’s that year I met Tim at the now defunct 12 Bar Club in London’s Denmark Street where I also briefly chat to Steve Jansen and Peter Chilvers. I’ve not met Tim in person since but we have maintained a periodic dialogue over the years. The story begins some years earlier… PAINTING PARADISE: THE NEW ROMANTIC NINETIES It’s the early…read more


No-Man: Love To Love You Baby

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LEAVING THE SCHOOLYARD BEHIND Schoolyard Ghosts could have been No-Man’s last album. Likewise as per my last post on Tim’s – Flowers for Ghosts – Love also features heavily in the No-Man catalogue. Lovesighs, Loveblows & Lovecries, Love and Endings so Love You To Bits kind of follows suit which, when you consider the song has been kicking round for years, isn’t too much of a revelation – but the music is! It’s the second release this year credited to ‘no-man’ as a production team (after Tim’s Flowers at the Scene) but…read more


No-Man: Urban Disco

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DICK WHITTINGTON Near the end of 1988, Steven suggested that no-man become the main musical focus for both of us, So in October 1988 I headed Dick Whittington style to the nation’s capital (sans cat). – from Tim’s Speak blog (abbreviated mix by moi)… In the run up to No-Man’s first new album in over a decade and my unexpected return to Blighty, I decided to construct a blog about Tim Bowness‘s time in London. As we can see from the excerpts Tim’s London begins in Autumn 1988 and lasts…read more

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