David Sylvian: The Sound Atlas

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Writing anything at all about David Sylvian is extremely difficult. So much has already been written and a new level of vocabulary is required, perhaps words that don’t even exist. A body of work that is manicured, stark, at times terrifying (think Tallow Moon or The Rabbit Skinner) and strangely engrossing. It’s often said Sylvian has provided the soundtrack to one’s life so herein lies my personal history (though I hope it is identifiable to you the reader). I should add this is a long read some 9,000 words or…read more


Yuka Fujii: Like Planets Exhibition

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*This blog contains affiliate links. THE ROAD TO GRACELAND? How bizarre the nomadic road that guides has lead me back to Britannia at a most tumultuous time in its history yet it’s in the quieter hinterland of North London I find myself pondering the second JAPAN related exhibition in as many months. Just as my residence in Lewisham afforded me the chance to see Steve Jansen’s show in Greenwich so a shift in the weather grants me the opportunity to see Yuka Fujii’s work in Newington Green. This time the…read more

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