Madrid: Vista of Art and Food

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Hola! Colliding into a collage of Spain.


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So what happened in Madrid? Well, not a lot actually. The most unusual thing is the sudden lack of warmth doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. It’s cold, but a cold that I recognise. Coming from a much more agreeable Hanoi winter hasn’t had too much of an effect so that’s good.

The biggest problem is that the immaculate OK hostel is more busy than I’d have imagined given the time of year, and I can’t find one anywhere near as good for the same price. This is what really kills off Madrid sooner than would have been the case otherwise.

art is all around


Like many of the European capitals I’ve covered over the latter half of 2017, Madrid is not short on urban art or art in general. In my brief visit, I gravitate toward the REINA SOFIA – luckily I’ve hit on the hours when it’s free to enter and there before me are works by Man Ray, Dali and of course Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica (which no one is allowed to photograph). 

I even get told off for taking a shot of the Bauhaus picture because I didn’t spot the ‘no photography’ sign. This is a modern day annoyance of major galleries, some areas are out of bounds. Personally I’d say either the whole thing is off limits rather than just specific parts which just leads to confusion.

you’ve just got to try the eclairs!


Something else Madrid possesses is… fancy food! The €1 chain of 100 Montaditos is a grandiose affair which I won’t sample in Madrid but it’s noted for future reference. There are Chocolateria’s and Panederia’s (Bakeries) and then on an unassuming backstreet is Eclair Madrid (which in addition has one of the best designed business cards I’ve come across). 

I’m not especially hungry having stuffed my face at the hostel breakfast but can’t resist some miniatures; the hazelnut one is best. Within a few days’ it’s over and I’m at Avenida de America awaiting a north bound bus. Perhaps Pamplona would fare better, whatever, half the fun was finding out.

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