Hong Kong: Railway Museum

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For some time I’ve been meaning to see something more of Hong Kong than just the glitzy lights of the island financial district, finally this has been granted in the shape of Tai Po Market. I was actually looking for a library closer to the border than Kowloon but it just so happens the neatly preserved railway museum is also in the vacinity so I swiftly sped through the rain to have a look.

What I found was a beautiful little museum housed in and around the original Tai Po Market station. I’m so pleased that it’s there and more so that it was open and dutifully manned by staff on such a dreary day. It’s very much the older cousin to Guangzhou’s ultra modern Metro Museum; similar artefacts such as pre-digital tickets, a good look at the logo development, old photos like the former Kowloon station and its demise, Shenzhen’s Lo Wu in the 60s and the wonderfully named Canton Belle.

Also present are the old signal levers, some interactive displays and a great model railway which on the push of a button comes out of its slumber does the rounds, stopping for a breather at the station before continuing on its way back to the depot. For a moment I thought it was going to come off its tracks taking the bend but somehow it hung on. A simple pleasure recommended (even on a rainy day).

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