Frankfurt: Flashdance (I Can’t Stay Long)

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Night in the city.


As a junior commercial aviation addict I wanted to live in Frankfurt purely because it had a great airport. But what of the city? With a reputation as a boring finance town it has in recent times taken steps to reinvent itself as more than that. So let’s have a (very quick) look at its cultural make up… 

Arriving around six in the morning the tourist info office is dead to the world so I peruse the train station and its many nooks and crannies stuffed full of eateries. Dumping my bags at a nearby hostel I’m out and about exploring the town.

A number of museums interest me and better still they are all conveniently situated in a row on the opposite bank of the river Main (pr. mine), from which Frankfurt takes its extended name (to save confusion with another Frankfurt near Berlin). 

Great wifi, well it is the Communication museum!


First call is the museum of communications (spelt with a Germanic K of course). While there the delightful cafe assistant allows me to use the WiFi, even though the cafe hasn’t technically opened. So I return the favour by buying my breakfast there. 

The museum itself is beautiful, especially from the cafe which is bathed in natural light through the glass vestibule (if that’s the right word).

Ageing at the World Culture Museum

The architecture museum is next up along the river though I don’t go in. Third and final museum is the  Weltkulturen Museum whose exhibition on ageing through cultures is somewhat relevant (as I’m ageing myself!). 

Autumn leaves

Xmas in the Furt!


Aside the run of embankment museums I venture through the nearby Metzler Park for some more autumnal wonderment. Crossing the Main back into the central city is the traditional Christmas market, which is already attracting media interest, especially from the orientals in town (who ignore my Ni Hao’s and continue on their way).

My guess is they were cashed up folk from Shanghai who couldn’t care less about anyone on their radar. The friendly Chinese I met in the middle kingdom seem a lifetime away. The Chinese who can afford to travel to Europe are those who make money from the poor coming into the big city.

What a feeling!


I stop at Hanz and Franz for a bratwurst – you can’t really be in Germany and not sample their sausages! Unless you’re a vegetarian of course. Close by, a cinema is showing Flashdance – the only nostalgic viewing on offer. The future? Well that’s yet to be written. 


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Flashdance – Irene Cara/Giorgio Moroder
I Can’t Stay Long – Ultravox
This Used to be the Future – Pet Shop Boys/Phil Oakey

Photos: KH