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Deluxe and standard issues for Dating the Page.

‘There has never been a Kelvin Hayes overview like this before. Together with international collaborators, Hayes curates a 30 year odyssey in poem, artwork and photos as well as a personal timeline. Some of the images have been retouched especially for this project and have never been seen before. Design features from previous works have been incorporated and new artwork created to embellish the mood of favoured releases such as NOTATE.’


For a few years now I’ve been busy piecing together the 30 year overview ‘Dating the Page.’ Despite much of it being mainly existing material it is an expansive project and has proven very taxing to put together. The book is essentially three volumes in one book; 1990-2000, 2000-2010 and 2010-2020.

Another first is that it was conceived as a visual (deluxe) version first but I’ve also assembled a standard version of just the poems for those who may want a no thrills/cheaper version of events. Much of the 2010-2020 section has never been released before.

It’s the first time I’ve put imagery with my poems, many of which have been retouched for this project, some unseen and otherwise originate from global collaborators; Robert Mann, Keith Korsgaard and Joseph Auer.

Each part of the book has its own front page and contents page.


Here are some of the screenshots giving an indication of the books contents. The bulk of the poetic material lies in the first part, mostly from A Lyrical Oasis and Notate but also features work from Calvino Suite and Mezzanine Smile as well as rare work Network and Worry, the latter of which didn’t make it to Notate. 

For those that don’t know Dark Water is based on Robert Fripp’s soundscape of the same name, while Foreshadowed takes its inspiration from Harold Budd and Brian Eno’s song bearing that title.

Images include Keith Korsgaard’s Christmas Lights, Spruce Meadows which accompanies the first poem Network (an outcast from the early nineties), Robert Mann’s Vertical Blinds Study #3 against the poem Nouveau Charm. 

Elsewhere on the visual side is a self portrait from 1990, images from the paintings Red Tape Earth and The Hopper Season plus travelogue photography from Paris, Bath, Cardiff, the Lake district and the West coast of Scotland shot from the train window. This is just an example there is much much more in the book.

1990-2000 poems: Network, Worry, Quiet Night of Quiet Stars, Cycles I, Napier – 1982, Solaire, Like Vorticists, Bomberg’s Dinora, Still Dance, The Blue Room, Does Not Compute, Hope in Dark Seclusion, Dark Seep Light, Nouveau Charm, Costa da Caparica, Transit, Swingshift, Dark Water, Apricot Beach, Prosaic Strangers, Re-dawn, The Scent, Where I’m Calling From, Genevieve Ice, Foreshadowed, Isambard Country, Lyrical Scotland, Creating Future Tense, One Thousand Years.

The early 2000s saw the release of Notate and visits to many places, here’s a shot of one of the travelogue pages.


The second part is home to the first set of airport poems from Circles and Bumps, curiosities like Bustle and Pulse written in Dublin, Physical Ghost and Something Shines. There are also five from Because of SE. 

Visuals backing up the second part include collage work from The Nomad Diaries, in keeping with the airport theme Joseph Auer’s red image provides the backdrop to the airport codes and details from the chronology.

Speaking of travel, images taken on the road in among others France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Portugal adorn much of this part. Robert Mann also has another two shots; Persistence taken in Atlanta in 2003 and Curtain Detail, 1992 which was chosen for The Protecting Veil.

2000-2010 poems: VCE (Venice), WLG (Wellington), AKL (Auckland), LAX (Los Angeles), LHR (London Heathrow), Bustle and Pulse, Under Coal Star, Physical Ghost (version 2.0), SE – a Mystery, The Protecting Veil, Between Your Mother – Your Sister and Yourself,  The Only One to be Loved Tonight, Geography, Something Shines.

Another of the year by year chronologies and the poem Sister of Sorrow.


And finally the third part showcases Terminal Wanderlust (airport poems T2), Through Glass which later went on to become a song with Cock Robin singer Peter Kingsbery and new material which has never been seen before.

A heavy emphasis in the visuals leans toward my life in China where I spent much of the decade but also Barcelona, Auckland, Manila, Bangkok, Istanbul, Taipei, Helsinki, Warsaw and London (blogs on most of those by the way – check out the Atlas link below).

2010-2020 poems: Through Glass, Sail Toward…, Pisces, Bubble, Mirth Made Meaningless, BCN (Barcelona), BKK (Bangkok), IST (Istanbul), TSA (Taipei Songshan), Sister of Sorrow (for San Mao), Murdered by the BBC, Two Comedians, My Enigmatic Friend, Johnnie Walker, Virgoland.

If you have any questions ask me in the comments below.


Collaboration with Joseph Auer, Keith Korsgaard and Robert Mann
205 pages, over 50 poems spanning the years 1994 to 2020 (13 never before released)
over 100 artworks and photos, some retouched especially
contributor biographies, travelogue, chronology and bibliography
newly written Kelvin Hayes biography, exclusive to Dating the Page.
Available 30 May 2021
ePub and PDF only at this time.

70 pages, the same poems, bibliography and KH biography.
Available 30 May 2021
ePub and PDF only at this time.


More imagery from the book.


Thanks for reading here, should you be interested in my work; principally writing, photography, and teaching, check out the MEDIA page, and/or the UNIVERSITY page for my teaching ethos. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned with things here at Kulture Kiosk via THE ATLAS or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where you can see some of my photos from around the world.

*For this playlist I haven’t chosen a track for every poem, rather a selection which if nothing else adds a further multi-media dimension to the images and poems in the book.

Corcovado (Quiet Night of Quiet Stars) – Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto ft Astrid Gilberto
Long Tales, Tall Shadows – Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri (for Bomberg’s Dinora)
Le Soleil et le Mer – Reload (Dark Seep Light)
Dark Water – Robert Fripp
Nuages – King Crimson (Prosaic Strangers)
Where I’m Calling From – O Atlas
Lung Shadows – The The (Genevieve Ice)
Foreshadowed – Harold Budd/Brian Eno

The Signal and the Noise – Simple Minds (Bustle and Pulse)
Sorrow and its Opposite – Arve Henriksen (SE – a Mystery)
The Protecting Veil – O Atlas
Between Your Mama and Yourself – A-ha
How Safe is Deep? – Undark/David Sylvian (The Only One to be Loved Tonight)
Dream Beach – Michael Hedges (Geography)

Through Glass – Peter Kingsbery
Sail to the Moon – Radiohead (Sail Toward)
Watchlar – Cocteau Twins (Bubble)
Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP Fade) – INXS (Barcelona)
Naminanu – Genesis (Istanbul)
The Raven That Refused to Sing – Steven Wilson (Sister of Sorrow)
Nothing But a Stranger – Peter Kingsbery (My Enigmatic Friend)
Ritual Dance – Michael Hedges (Johnnie Walker)
Stars – Brian Eno (Virgoland)