A Lyrical Oasis: Transit

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‘Lyrical’ was my first book and it occurred to me there wasn’t anything from it on the blog. That’s because it is not an easy book to pull individual or singular poems from being a mostly sequential work. However here is a taster called Transit in keeping with the cultural travel theme of this blog. Images: Air Macau and Coke Art by KH. TRANSIT Years roll on As do questions Never cease. Behind: glasses clink Measures measured Liquor poured. In front: the vista Looks out to planes Arriving, departing into blue….read more


Guangzhou: Xiaozhou Art Village

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TAKE ME TO YOUR ART Sometimes my students’ really do come up trumps when it comes to info on people or places I may not know about (SanMao) and again here with this mysterious art enclave tucked away in the depths of Haizhu island surrounded by two streams of the Pearl river. No metro station so I am reliant on bus. One of my students mentions a blog by a Swiss Geographer who had been and from there I was intrigued enough to make my own journey. Alighting from the bus I…read more

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