Barcelona: Garden Recalled

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BACK TO THE GARDEN The clock ticks forward; complex and constant, friend and foe. Andorra is caught between two countries and two towns. France and Spain, Toulouse and Barcelona. As the latter is my first international city I swing round for my third visit and after my night of purgatory at El Prat’s T2, knew just where to go. The metro journey was inexorably arduous yet simultaneously exciting. My last visit in 2010 would birth the poem, BCN from Terminal Wanderlust… I don’t remember our first date Age became me…read more


Seville: A Saucerful of Secrets

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FINDING MY FEET IN THE CITY OF HEAT! Frying or freezing could have been the title here. I am no stranger to the heat but more so in Asia. 37 was commonplace in Guangzhou. Likewise freezing in hostel dorms or on public transport and so Seville breathes a familiar air. My expectation was to be done with the cauldron city within a few hours but Seville engages exactly the way Valencia, Alicante and Malaga didn’t. So I finally had a city other than Barcelona and Castellón that I actually liked but…read more


Guangzhou Opera House: After Zaha

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ARCHITECTURAL STORM: TO BUILD OR NOT TO BUILD? *this blog contains an affiliate link. When the infamous row over her Cardiff Bay Opera House project was raging, I’d never heard of Zaha Hadid. Admittedly I wasn’t too enthralled with her design either. It was 1995 and Hadid’s prize winning work was poorly received and eventually shelved. It seemed insular of Wales to choose one of its own architects (Jonathan Adams) yet in this case the right one. Hadid was not yet designing what would become her architectural trademark, or so…read more

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