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The Kultury Kiosk in Warsaw which inspired the name

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What is Kulture Kiosk?

A blog fusing travel, culture and music for students of the world, novice nomads, city lovers and academics on a budget (occasionally I get to stay in a 5 star).

Why Kulture Kiosk?

The name was chosen as I was bored of working under my own name and I wanted to operate a brand name. The Kulture Kiosk was spotted in Warsaw and I thought that seemed cool; spelling culture with a K gives it a European feel at the time of Brexit. A bit like dancing to disco during times of austerity. YOU, the visitor can take away what you want from the site (hence the kiosk element) whether that’s music, a museum or a place you might want to visit.

The Logo

The old ‘airport’ K needed replacing with the new and refreshed vibe of the KK brand so I settled on a simple double K the main one being the culture and the second shadow k being the kiosk in keeping with ‘take whatever applies to you away from your visit here but hopefully return often 😉 I accentuated this with the map which gives an indication of where I’m coming from (musically speaking).

Mission of Business

  • To provide job satisfaction writing about things I have an affinity with and traveling to more countries which in turn feeds knowledge and further writing.
  • To provide a stable and satisfactory income. 
  • To provide knowledge or value to visitors by discussing topics from a personal perspective and presenting info in a different way to alternative platforms. 

Why should anyone visit the blog/put value in Kelvin Hayes?

That’s a fair enough point but why do people put value in buying Phil Collins records, Hugh Grant films, the work of Banksy, the words of Bill Bryson or the humour of Dave Allen? They see something they like and it relates to them. Hopefully enough people will like what I’m doing.

Why the ‘new wave’?

I explain this on the ‘about blog’ piece, however in short these records were once the shock of the new but are now 40 years old. They represent a certain time where you could be looking back (nostalgia) and forward (the future) at the same time.

You could have Death on the Nile or Bladerunner, your cultural cake and eat it. As for the music, as of now these records have become historic and cultural artefacts. Do they belong in a museum? I’m not so sure. But what I do know is that I’d rather go to Birmingham and Sri Lanka and seek out things to do with Duran Duran than go to Vienna and look at Mozart which in the words of Ultravox means nothing to me.

Am I stuck in time? Not necessarily but it’s a period that is closest to me. An impressionable time when I myself was soaking up sounds that might have gone with the imagery I saw while travelling in my youth eg staring at the Arabian dunes from an airplane window and then hearing Tea in the Sahara a couple of months later. In the words of Dua Lipa call it Future Nostalgia!

Political Stance

Kulture Kiosk is not a political organisation, however, recently on social I’ve given spotlight to the horrific crimes by the so called military in Myanmar, the plight of the Indian people amid the pandemic, the hate crimes against Oriental Asian people in both America and the UK and the flare up in Gaza.

In the Barcelona blog I mention the protest for independence and also the hate directed at tourists. All of these examples are not intended to offend anyone but sometimes you have to speak about matters of the political when it affects people just trying to live and ‘be.’

Thanks for reading here, check out the ATLAS for other writings.