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The blog began after my previous home at The Travel Editor went bust taking two years’ of my pay with it. As you may imagine I was not enthused by the mishandling of a highly competitive area it had taken a long time to get a foot hold on and then not to be paid was a further slap in the face. 

Fortunately I kept a record of everything I’d written and in 2013 reposted everything with the onus of continuing a generic approach to travel: hotels, airlines, food and what to do in a city from a personal perspective.

Five years’ later and the blog is now beginning to evolve into its own niche. Sure I loved to travel and particularly the cultural aspect but I also loved music, especially the new wave and new romantics (sans the fashion). Why? The new wave could look back while still looking forward; I loved both the nostalgia and the futurism.

Bands like Duran Duran and Japan also included a travel element to their work so that was me pretty much sold. These bands could convey anything from Agatha Christie’s Orient Express to Death on the Nile, Phileas Fogg to James Bond, Bladerunner to Sleeper, Graham Green to George Orwell, Satie to Nyman, afternoon tea to drinks at a swanky hotel bar.


The blog’s tagline is ‘Riding the New Wave of Cultural Travel’ as I also sideline in cultural education. What I attempt to cover is still emanating from a personal standpoint but hopefully connects with others the more esoteric nature of sight and sound.

How we feel about a place, does it remind us of somewhere else, doesn’t this all feel familiar? How music and travel interact with our lives if that isn’t too big a statement, I am referring to mostly new wave artists here or music which embellishes a given moment.

The new wave encompassed not just cool clubs but parks, the city, abandoned places and so on. Age has given me the time aspect to look back at places visited before with fresh eyes – what has changed (or not). Sometimes I add a playlist if I can think of a suitable song or selection. Other times like in Barcelona, the songs came from those frequently played, some of which I hadn’t heard before. Exploring new music as important as new terrain.

If you’re looking for a place to start, try these… *I am in the process of moving these from the old site to this one. This will be a lengthy process as not all of them imported and those that did, came without their images attached, so some of the links will take you to the old kelvin hayes site, please bare with me.


Athens: Neither Empire Nor Dance
Auckland: Winter in the City of Sails
Barcelona: Garden Recalled
Bristol: Brunel, Bridges and Bakeries
Brussels: Days of Future Passed
Cardiff: A Different Man
Guangzhou: Monsoon Kisses and the Magic of Dongshan
Helsinki: City Time Place
Hong Kong: In Search of Kai Tak
London: Nostalgia in the Now
Newport: Jigsaw Falling into Place
Paris: Memoir From the Past
Shenzhen: If You Can See the Magic
Warsaw: Uprising Phoenix

A-ha: A Lifeline from the Dark
Alphaville: From Germany with Love
Boom Crash Opera: Crazy Times in Ordinary Heaven
Brian Eno: Some Suggestions (in Plain English)
Cock Robin: To the Far Edge of Time 
David Sylvian: The Sound Atlas
Harold Budd: Still Return
ICEHOUSE: Crossing Borders
INXS: Different Worlds and Strange Desires
John Foxx: In the Quiet Space
Mark Hollis: A Life
Perry Blake: Lonesome Traveller
Prince: Passion and Pure Energy (In Praise of a Passing Prince)
Queen: Why I like Hot Space!
Scritti Politti: A World to Know About
Steve Jansen: Quite Life Through Quiet Windows
Subshine: Summer Shiny Pop Made Easy
Tears For Fears: Before and After Love
Tim Bowness: Catching Up with the Velvet Ghost
Wang Chung: Serious Fun – Beyond the Flat Horizon

Bomberg at the National
Flying the Golden Route with Hello Kitty
Hats off to the Scots!
Hodgkin in Hong Kong
Is the BBC too Arrogant?
Nomad Italia
Nordic Theory of Everything
Now That’s What I Call Orientalism 
Populating Polytown: Mapping the Spiritual Nineties and the Geography of Sound
Remember That Flight?
Remember That Night?
The Music of Airlines
The Music of Tourism
Why Do Cities Look the Way They Do?
Who Killed the New Gold Dream?

Are American Tourister Bags Worth the Money?
Europe by Coach
Rail Journeys (Station to Station)
Sleeping in Airports
What I Pack
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Who or what is of interest?
Airlines and Airports, Culture, Design, Music, Railways, theme hotels, Museums (art, design, transport and oddities – see Zagreb blog), even old shops or haunts from my past and perhaps yours too. Whatever I hope you enjoy it here and thanks for reading.