A Lyrical Oasis: Transit

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‘Lyrical’ was my first book and it occurred to me there wasn’t anything from it on the blog. That’s because it is not an easy book to pull individual or singular poems from being a mostly sequential work. However here is a taster called Transit in keeping with the cultural travel theme of this blog. Images: Air Macau and Coke Art by KH.


Years roll on
As do questions
Never cease.

Behind: glasses clink
Measures measured
Liquor poured.

In front: the vista
Looks out to planes
Arriving, departing into blue.

The pane glances back
At a man reflecting, in transit
Every light, my own musing’s, unsure.

It seems I’m nothing but a thought vent
Some thrown, some exposed
In selected breaths, they come and go.

Should I seek solace in religion
Philosophy, the words of
A few contemporaries?

This direction too much to bear
And the destination always unknowing
What we’re looking for.

The worst possible grief
To make ourselves true?
Celine, his journey.

Awoken by last call
I remain immersed in this
Surround-sound dream.

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