Remember That Flight

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Having taken 90 flights, flown 193,410 miles (311,263kms) or 7 times around the earth and spent over 2 weeks in the air (443 hours) since birth, this blog covers all the airlines I’ve flown with to date. 52 airports, 36 airlines, and 29 different aircraft (as of June 2022) *this blog contains affiliate links, let’s begin… 1 COURT LINE Luton – Barcelona – Luton It was the 70s, and airlines were getting funky with their colour schemes. Across the pond America’s Braniff flew planes in anything from Orange to Olive. At…read more


Travel: Sleeping in Airports

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*this blog contains affiliate links STRANDED: WHERE TO SLEEP IN AIRPORTS With over 20 years travel experience there are times when the need to sleep in airports becomes a necessity. For example, your flight leaves at an unearthly time in the morning (Stansted), you’ve arrived at an unearthly hour (Shanghai) you’re in transit/have a long layover or the hostels in town are full. So far I’ve had nights at London Stansted, Venice, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau, Shanghai (Hongqiao), Cairo, Doha, Vienna, Barcelona and Warsaw Chopin (one day I’ll actually…read more


Travel: Europe by Coach

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*this blog contains affiliate links BUS ABOUT EUROPE In recent years I’ve had the good fortune to travel extensively through eastern and now western Europe by train, ferry and bus. Today it’s the latter I’m going to focus on. The main players currently are: Eurolines, Flixbus and a couple of local biggies like ALSA in Spain, Polskibus in Poland, Ouibus in France and LUX Express in the Baltic States. As with the airlines it’s hit and miss on who will carry all my/your bags or only one and charge for the other….read more

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