Swansea: City By The Sea

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*this blog contains affiliate links PREVIOUSLY Three cities, three sisters, three connections on the map, dotting the southern Welsh coastline. The second largest is Swansea, a mere 40 odd miles west of Cardiff yet I’ve barely been there. This is only my fourth ever visit and by some considerable distance my most comprehensive. The first was in 1986, a rushed affair which took in HMV (where I saw David Sylvian’s Gone to Earth and INXS Kiss the Dirt single). The second I can’t remember and the last one was at…read more


Cardiff: The Northern Parks (Three into One)

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These blogs were originally published as separates. Here to stem the number of blogs about any one city and future blogs I’ve amalgamated them into one (call it three into one if you like). Starting with… THE MEADOW If Bute Park is Cardiff’s Hyde or Central Park and Roath Park is its Regent’s Park, then the (unnamed) Meadow Walk is possibly its Hampstead Heath (I’d now say that was more likely Cefn-Onn below). And to think I only knew the north of Cardiff for its city train line but living…read more


A Lyrical Oasis 25

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RELEASE HISTORY April 1997 saw the release of my first book A Lyrical Oasis. Self published and with little promo, it sank without trace. Nonetheless, it will always be my first baby even if it was still born and remains pretty much a ghost in terms of release and sales. In 2009 I tried again with an e-book but this met a similar fate. I dare say that in some other world it may have been the pop poem hit I envisaged it to be in my naivety but alas…read more

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