ICEHOUSE: Crossing Borders

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INTRO You don’t care about how a band is formed, how it starts, you just hear the music. You don’t know how long a band has been around for before you hear the music, how hard they’ve worked to get an audience and a record deal. You can however hear their influences and in Iva Davies initially with Flowers and thence ICEHOUSE these are ringing loud and clear; sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. FORMING FLOWERS AND EXTERIOR INFLUENCES The role and power of influence can be difficult…read more


Paris: Memoir from the Past

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*this blog contains affiliate links INTRO Paris is always a good idea – Audrey Hepburn You can’t really have a travel or culture blog and not feature Paris can you? And if I know anything about travel writing, it is this… I could blog about Cardiff and Shenzhen with all my heart – and as regular readers know I love those cities – but I also know Paris will easily eclipse them in terms of visitors numbers. A-list cities are like rock stars. You can write about them until you’re…read more


Manila: Transport – More Fun in the Philippines?

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This piece was originally written in 2013 at a time when the Philippines was being battered by a storm from the Pacific. Fortunately this did not affect the capital where I was, but Manila also needed a lot of work. Let’s start at the beginning and a big thanks to my friend and journalist in the Philippines George Buid for the updates. *this blog contains an affiliate link. ARRIVAL The Philippines are in the midst of a tourist drive. With their colourful and quirky ‘more fun in the Philippines’ campaign and slogan…read more

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