Fade In, Fade Out: Top 10 Producers

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INTRO AND HON MENTIONS Well I’ve done it, I’ve managed to compile a list of my favourite producers but it was not without deliberation, trial and error. I mean how does one compile this, is it quantity of fave artists covered or the less is more clarity over quantity. As always I struck some sort of a balance. Still love them all and without further ado here’s the list of those whose ideas and ear worms still inhabit my cranium and colour my world to this day. First the Honourable…read more


1991: The End of an Era

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JANUARY: KISSING THE ETHER Everyone has a golden era of music. One that symbolises youth, their teenage years and perhaps  early adulthood. An age of discovery before life finally consumes us all and we stare at the TV screens only to sigh, and say Who the fuck are they? Where did they come from? And things were much better in my generation. My golden era was most likely 1981-1991 and it’s hard to believe it was 30 years ago. SEAL then a newbie is now a veteran of the business….read more


Birmingham: Out of the Blue

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INTRO Quick note here, this is one of the hardest blogs I’ve done but as one of the biggest cities in the UK you can’t leave Birmingham out of the equation. It’s a pity that during my time there, like Manchester, several key places to visit were closed. PEN MUSEUM – CLOSED CHINA EXPRESSION GALLERY – CLOSED ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM – CLOSED until 2022! Not only that but I spend several visits trying to locate the city’s iconic Selfridges building only to find the mottled pink, and black blob…read more

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