Hats off to the Scots!

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SCOTLAND – THE REAL LAND OF SONG? It’s been just over a decade since I ventured north to Scotland (pre-blog) and while I’m not knocking being Welsh I have to admit our being known as the ‘land of song’ seems a little strange when you consider both our major bands (the Manics and Stereophonics are now industry veterans with very little coming through, save for possibly Gwenno). And Scritti Politti (our Blue Nile in terms of output) are even older. The Scots by comparison have held a formidable consistency since…read more


David Sylvian: The Sound Atlas

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Writing anything at all about David Sylvian is extremely difficult. So much has already been written and a new level of vocabulary is required, perhaps words that don’t even exist. A body of work that is manicured, stark, at times terrifying (think Tallow Moon or The Rabbit Skinner) and strangely engrossing. It’s often said Sylvian has provided the soundtrack to one’s life so herein lies my personal history (though I hope it is identifiable to you the reader). I should add this is a long read some 9,000 words or…read more

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